Our Team



Jennifer Harris

Executive Director

Jennifer earned her Doctoral of Education degree and worked her way up to leadership after teaching preschool and managing early learning and autism programs.  She has lead OECC since 2008 and is inspired by the dedication and passion of the staff at OECC.  Her vision is to ensure the all teachers and staff have the tools they need to ensure high quality, reggio inspired approach toward learning; that programming is affordable to parents; and that our expertise is expanded to other families and children in the community to ensure kindergarten readiness.


Debbie Marvin

Assistant Director

Debbie has over seventeen years working in the early childhood field.  She began as a toddler teacher at OECC and then worked her way up to Enrollment Specialist and now Assistant Director.  She enjoys working with the families to support their child’s transition into our program.   Taking the time to know the family and their child during the enrollment process is what she enjoys most.  She loves seeing the children’s reaction as she tours the facility with them.


Lindsay Bowman

Curriculum & Resource Coordinator

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Pam Horvath


Pam has over 40 years of experience in customer service and office management serving in banking, tourism, and school related positions. She attended Lorain County Community College and Sinclair Community College studying business and tourism. Working in an early learning childcare center has been a new challenge and learning experience.  Each of the children are special and it is a pleasure getting to know and assist their families.



Sue Whitely

Infant Lead Teacher

Sue earned her Associated Degree in Early Childhood Education .  She has dedicated almost 30 years to this profession, with twenty two of them being at OECC.  Being a part of each child’s growth and development in the first few months of life is what Sue appreciates the most.  She respects and admires the capabilities and curiosity of every infant.  She loves observing how infants discover their hands and the progression a child takes to walk. Sue has raised five successful and caring children with her husband of over 30 years.


Brittany Miller

Infant Teacher

Brittany is a graduate of the Joint Vocational Early Childhood Education program.  She began her career at OECC as an intern and has worked her way to becoming an Infant Teacher.  Brittany is currently working toward the completion of her Associates in Early Childhood Education.  She enjoys building relationships with the children and families in her care in order to provide the highest quality of care.


Denise Ferrara

Infant Teacher

Denise earned her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education over twenty years ago and has worked with children since then.  Infants bring such joy to her.  Observing their progression through the developmental stages and creating an attachment with them and their parents is what inspires Denise.  She brings her love of nature and their natural surroundings into the classroom for the children to explore.


Michelle Sas

Infant Lead Teacher

Michelle earned her Associates of Early Childhood Education and has over twenty years experience in the field.  She loves observing how each child experiences something different with the same materials.  The joy in their face when they accomplish something is priceless!


Gail Bauer

Infant Teacher

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Debbie S.

Debbie Staller

Toddler Lead Teacher

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Janet Gregory

Toddler Teacher

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Saless Maxwell

Toddler Lead Teacher

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Courtney Porter

Toddler Teacher

Courtney has five years experience working in the early childhood education and social work field in the Head Start program and at Blessing House.  Courtney has also  completed coursework at LCCC and the University of Akron for special education.  She has witnessed the hardships and struggles parents face every day and hope to provide insight and assistance to empowering them so they may support their children.


Jackie Fullerton

Preschool Lead Teacher

Jackie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor Plus degree in Early Childhood Education and has over twelve years experience in the field.  Her influence over the arts spills over into the classroom.  Working with children is uplifting, they have a fresh eye on the world and observing how each child interprets it helps her to learn more about them.  When a child shares a drawing or a personal story, it’s an incredible feeling to think you have touched their lives.



Preschool Teacher

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Sue Simpson

 Preschool Lead Teacher

Sue earned her Associate of Early Childhood Education degree and has over twenty five years experience teaching preschoolers.  She enjoys observing each child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn new things, then seeing the smile when they connect their experiences with thoughts and new ideas.   She loves what she does and says where else can go to feel happiness and love everyday!


Isabelle Thompson

PreK Lead Teacher

Isabelle earned an Associate of Early Childhood Education degree and has been teaching preschool children for over a decade.  She loves the excitement and curiosity that is brought to school with her young learners.  They know their environment will provide them with challenges they can investigate to learn how the world works.  As a preschool teacher, it is a proud moment when she sees a child’s face glow as they make connections among the components within their classroom, outdoor environment, and one another.


LaKrisha Harris

Support Staff

LaKrisha was born and raised in Oberlin.  As a former graduate of OECC, LaKrisha has worked here for over twenty-two years.  She enjoys watching them grow and learn.  It is the conversations with the preschool children that she has that keeps her inspired as they have such great imaginations and you never know what a conversation will bring.


Margaret Young

Support Staff

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IMG_5562 (1)

Krissy Curtiss

Pre-K Teacher

Krissy has taught children for over a decade.  She has worked as a teacher in the infant room as well as the preschool room at OECC.  She enjoys interacting with the children and watching as they explore the environment and learn.