Our Facility

Indoor Spaces

As you enter our building, you will walk into an inviting lobby that proudly showcases the work of our young learners.  You’ll then make your way into our two spacious gross motor rooms, which provide an indoor space for children to move freely throughout their environment, exercising their body.  Regardless of weather, children never miss a day of running, jumping or climbing.

Our classroom spaces are set up to encourage learning and exploration, create personal connections, and produce a sense of well-being and independence.  Our teachers create an atmosphere where children are free to actively discover and experiment.

An onsite greenhouse and a little kitchen are instrumental in teaching young learners healthy eating habits by getting them involved in growing and preparing fresh food.


Outdoor Spaces

There’s so much to learn from the outside world.  Our beautiful 16,000-square-foot building sits on 4.5 acres of land, filled with trees, grass, flowers and a bike path that engage the senses and spark imagination.  This gives us the opportunity to explore art, music, science and community building, inspiring our young learners to appreciate the great outdoors.


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Neighborhood Spaces

Our proximity to a bike path, playgrounds, downtown Oberlin and Oberlin College provides excellent learning opportunities within the community.

Our Location