Music and Movement

In Movement and Music class Oberlin College Visiting Professor, Holly Handman-Lopez, concentrates on age appropriate movement skills, cooperation, taking turns and having fun with music and movement.  She encourages the children’s creativity and has them engage with each other socially through the movement and music activities.  The children learn songs and dances, play games where they move like animals, explore opposites in movement: fast/slow, high/low, large/small, dance with props: streamers and ribbon sticks, navigate obstacle courses, and improvise movement inspired by diverse forms of music, poetry, nature, visual art, stories, and props. The children are encouraged to volunteer ideas, movements, gestures, words, and solutions to devised physical challenges in order to access and promote their individual creativity.

Each day Holly facilitates games and exercises designed to: warm-up each child’s body, develop their ability to focus, promote leadership and creativity, encourage cooperation, and cultivate listening skills

Some games and dances she teachers include: Blue bird, blue bird; Rhythm band; Shay Shay Kulay; Bunny hop; Freeze dance; Paper plate skating; Beethoven punching balloons; Machine game; Scarf dance/Ribbon dance; Falling like feathers, balls, trees etc; Yoga for children (exercises from Thia Luby’s books); London Bridge; Square dance; The Stroll; The Twist; The Swim.

The toddler, preschool, pre-kindergarten children take Music and Movement class at the center 1 time per week for 1/2 hour.   This class is included in the cost of tuition.